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{"label_1"=>"Facilities", "label_100"=>"Create different slots for your booking product on specific days. This will overwrite the previous slots created for the booking product on these days.", "label_101"=>"Schedule Booking", "label_102"=>"Particular Day", "label_103"=>"Close Booking", "label_104"=>"Select in which form do you want to take custom information", "label_105"=>"Select Particular Date", "label_106"=>"Overwrite Type", "label_107"=>"Number of min booking customers/guests can book at a time. For unlimited guests, set this number to 0.", "label_108"=>"Guests/Customer one time Minimum booking Limit", "label_109"=>"Number of max booking customers/guests can book at a time. For unlimited guests, set this number to 0.", "label_110"=>"Guests/Customer one time Maximum booking Limit", "label_111"=>"Number of customers/guests can book a single slot. For unlimited guests, set this number to 0.", "label_112"=>"Guests/Customer Limit", "label_113"=>"Multi User preferences", "label_114"=>"Enter your location here", "label_115"=>"Location", "label_116"=>"Choose where the service will be provided", "label_117"=>"Not Required", "label_118"=>"On Your Side", "label_119"=>"On My Side", "label_120"=>"Service Side", "label_121"=>"Specify your location preferences", "label_122"=>"Is Required", "label_123"=>"Press Enter to Add", "label_124"=>"Select in which form do you want to take custom information", "label_125"=>"Select Box", "label_126"=>"Choice", "label_127"=>"Textarea", "label_128"=>"Text", "label_129"=>"Input Type", "label_130"=>"Field with same name already exists.", "label_131"=>"Enter title for this custom field", "label_132"=>"Add custom fields to take more information from your customers", "label_133"=>"Enter description", "label_134"=>"Description", "label_135"=>"Enter title for this custom information", "label_136"=>"Add additional information to your booking product’s", "label_137"=>"Add", "label_138"=>"Set your slot timings here. Slot timings will be applicable for all the days when booking product is available.", "label_139"=>"Rest Time", "label_14"=>"Guest Limit", "label_140"=>"Rest Time After Per Booking Slot", "label_141"=>"Per Booking Timing", "label_142"=>"Select Time Duration", "label_143"=>"Minutes", "label_144"=>"Select Duration", "label_145"=>"Select the days on which booking product will be available", "label_146"=>"Select Week Days", "label_147"=>"Restrain slots x number of days after a booking", "label_148"=>"Post Blackout Days", "label_149"=>"Lead Days", "label_15"=>"Book Now", "label_150"=>"Restrain slots x number of days after today", "label_151"=>"example", "label_152"=>"Restrain slots x number of days before a booking", "label_153"=>"Pre Blackout Days", "label_154"=>"note for configuration", "label_155"=>"Set the duration for your booking product. Note if no duration is set, booking product will be always available.", "label_156"=>"If it is set to 2 and product price is $10 then the booking price will 2*10 = $20.", "label_157"=>"Enter the no of products that you want to rent for the mentioned no of days based on which product price will be calculated.", "label_158"=>"If it is set to 5 and customer selects 1st Sept then, dates will be selected for continuous 5 days i.e. from 1st to 5th Sept.", "label_159"=>"Set the total no of days for which you want customers to select a continuous date in the calendar to rent the product.", "label_16"=>"On my side", "label_160"=>"Select Duration", "label_161"=>"Example", "label_162"=>"No of Days", "label_163"=>"Product Units", "label_164"=>"Enable group days in case, you want customers to select a defined group days to rent a product.", "label_165"=>"Overwrite Specific Days", "label_166"=>"Custom Information", "label_167"=>"Custom Fields", "label_168"=>"Enable date range in case, you want customers to rent a product by selecting a specific date range.", "label_169"=>"Product Information", "label_17"=>"On your side", "label_170"=>"Edit a booking product", "label_171"=>"Edit Booking Product", "label_172"=>"Id", "label_173"=>"Bookings", "label_174"=>"Order Id", "label_175"=>"Booking Type", "label_176"=>"Status", "label_177"=>"Approved", "label_178"=>"Unapproved", "label_179"=>"Canceled", "label_180"=>"Done", "label_181"=>"About Customer", "label_182"=>"Reschedule Detail", "label_183"=>"Deleted Product", "label_184"=>"About Product", "label_185"=>"Booking TimeZone", "label_186"=>"Reschedule Booking", "label_187"=>"Number of guests", "label_188"=>"Reschedule Booking", "label_189"=>"Tracking Id", "label_190"=>"Only On App Side", "label_191"=>"Shopify Side Too", "label_192"=>"Do you want to cancel this Booking on shopify side too?", "label_193"=>"Edit your customer booking details", "label_194"=>"View Booking", "label_195"=>"Edit Booking", "label_196"=>"Customer Details", "label_197"=>"Slot Details", "label_198"=>"View all your customer bookings here", "label_199"=>"Number of guests", "label_2"=>"Service Side", "label_200"=>"This field is mandatory", "label_201"=>"Reschedule Detail", "label_202"=>"Reschedule Status", "label_203"=>"Pending", "label_204"=>"Booking Price", "label_205"=>"Reschedule Price", "label_206"=>"Reschedule Slot Timing", "label_207"=>"Reschedules", "label_208"=>"Manage customer's reschedule requests from here", "label_209"=>"Create Booking", "label_210"=>"Filter", "label_211"=>"Clear", "label_212"=>"Download CSV", "label_213"=>"No Result Found.", "label_25"=>"This field is mandatory", "label_26"=>"Select End Date", "label_27"=>"Select End Slot", "label_28"=>"Number of guest must be greater than or equal to availability", "label_29"=>"Booking Products", "label_3"=>"Location", "label_30"=>"Search", "label_31"=>"Filter", "label_32"=>"Per Slot", "label_33"=>"Un Available", "label_34"=>"Load more", "label_35"=>"Choose Filter", "label_36"=>"Choose Date Range", "label_37"=>"Results have been finished here", "label_38"=>"All Types ", "label_39"=>"One Day Booking", "label_4"=>"Date", "label_40"=>"Appointment Type", "label_41"=>"Rent Type", "label_42"=>"Rent Type With Time", "label_43"=>"Concert Type", "label_44"=>"Concert Type With Time", "label_45"=>"Order Name", "label_46"=>"Booking Id", "label_47"=>"Title", "label_48"=>"Number of Guests", "label_49"=>"Booking Status", "label_5"=>"Time", "label_50"=>"Amount", "label_51"=>"Payment Status", "label_52"=>"Request Status", "label_53"=>"Pick Time", "label_54"=>"Slot Date", "label_55"=>"Slot Time", "label_56"=>"Current Week", "label_57"=>"To", "label_58"=>"...View More", "label_59"=>"Loading, Please Wait", "label_6"=>"Availability", "label_60"=>"Today", "label_61"=>"Current Month", "label_62"=>"Current Year", "label_63"=>"ADDED BOOKING PRODUCT", "label_64"=>"SCHEDULED SLOT", "label_65"=>"Quantity", "label_66"=>"Booking hasn’t been configured yet!", "label_67"=>"done", "label_68"=>"cancel", "label_69"=>"No Booking Product Found!", "label_7"=>"Additonal Info", "label_70"=>"Product has been locked", "label_71"=>"This slot is not available, please try another time slot.", "label_72"=>"Only %qty% guest available.", "label_73"=>"Booking Products", "label_74"=>"List of all Your Booking Products & Services that You Offer on Your Booking Website", "label_75"=>"FILTERS & ACTIONS", "label_76"=>"Choose Action", "label_77"=>"Overwrite Specific Days", "label_78"=>"Add Availability", "label_79"=>"Slot Name", "label_8"=>"Get Direction", "label_80"=>"Product Type", "label_81"=>"Price", "label_82"=>"Status", "label_83"=>"Action", "label_84"=>"Clear", "label_85"=>"Save", "label_86"=>"Enter your booking product information", "label_87"=>"Title", "label_88"=>"Profile Image", "label_89"=>"Slot Price", "label_9"=>"No Slots", "label_90"=>"Booking Type", "label_91"=>"Single User Booking", "label_92"=>"Only one Person can book a slot at a time", "label_93"=>"Multi User Booking", "label_94"=>"One or more Person can book a slot at a time", "label_95"=>"Note", "label_96"=>"Slot will be available forever", "label_97"=>"Multi User", "label_98"=>"Availability", "label_99"=>"This field must be less than 900"} 36277242331301 'dddd D MMMM YYYY' '24' 'time_slots' 0} time_slots single Date Time Availability Select End Date Select End Slot Pick Time 0