The discoveries of the human genome project show that humans share 98%
of their DNA with a chimpanzee, 50% with a banana and 38% with a daffodil.

Plants and people have more similarities than we think. Plants are sentient life forms. They’re responsive to their environment. They can feel, react and move. Plants have consciousness.

Research work at the Bose Institute, Calcutta, in the 1920s, showed that plants have a nervous system. Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose (1858-1937) a physicist, biologist and botanist, conducted research that recorded plant reactions to various stimulus. His research showed that that nerve impulses in all types of plants are similar to those in animals and humans. He found that plants react to human thought.

Around the same time as Bose, Dr Bach discovered that particular plants are able to alleviate and counteract human emotional problems. Impatiens helps to release pain and irritation. Mimulus to overcome fear. Scleranthus to resolve vacillation and indecision.