DR. EDWARD BACH Dr. Edward Bach

Flower remedies were discovered in the 1930′s by Dr. Edward Bach. Bach (b.1886) trained in conventional medicine, studying at University College Hospital London and Cambridge. He began his career as a surgeon and went on to be an expert in the fields of bacteriology and immunology.

Bach’s quest was to find the real cause and cure of disease. He grew increasingly dissatisfied with the way doctors obsessed over the disease and not the root cause inside the whole person. Bach believed that the physical symptoms of his patients were related to their inner mental and emotional state.

In the early 1930’s Bach discovered that certain plants and trees balanced certain states of mind. Impatiens to release pain and irritation. Mimulus to overcome fear. Scleranthus to resolve vacillation and indecision. At his practise on Harley Street he tested these findings on his patients.

With consistent success he gave up all methods of treatment except “the pure and simple herbs of the field”. His research culminated in the creation of thirty eight flower remedies.

Dr. Bach diagnosed by emotions. Connecting minds to bodies. Connecting people to plants.