I have been depressed for a few years and I was unable to work for almost two years. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but half way through my remedy I decided I wanted to go back to work and I am now in a part time job. I’m a little sceptic but you can’t ignore that.
Simon, 36
I own and run a business with many employees. I would say I am a workaholic. I find it very hard to relax and I feel like I should work around the clock…I take my responsibilities very seriously. At the end of the day I can’t switch off and I’m always stressing about what needs to be done and worrying about my staff. I am always exhausted and I’m always chasing my tail! I take calm at the end of every day by adding it to some water and sipping it throughout the evening. I’m sleeping better, feeling more measured and I have a lot more perspective over my work. My partner notices a real change.
Stephanie, 40
I love flower remedies, I have been using them since I was a child, my mother gave them to me and I used to give them to my children. I’m never usually a worrier but recently (maybe my age) I have been feeling quite anxious. I carry this around with me in my handbag and it’s a great comfort.
Felicity, 58
I’ve been taking my remedy and I’ve been feeling great! I chose Focus because I’ve been feeling very unsatisfied with my job. I’ve been there for years and I know I need a change but I couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. I felt indecisive about what I wanted to do with my career. I’m definitely feeling more enthusiastic and proactive!
Liza, 28
I recommend this for days when you wake up feeling a bit short tempered.
Jack, 38
I started a new job in a completely different industry. My girlfriend gave me this because I was feeling a bit out of my depth. In hindsight, I am sure this gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed. Thanks Flomacy.
Stevie, 34
I had a consultation with Flomacy for a bespoke blend. We talked about my recent lack of confidence, the fact that I had a tendency to people please and apologise for everything and everybody! I am also going through quite a significant life transition. This has been a great support for my wellbeing, I have ordered the same again.
Elizabeth, 46
Flomacy made a bespoke remedy for my 8 year old niece. We had a conversation about her behaviour. She was temperamental, quite needy and got upset very easily. My sister is so happy with the effects.
Rosie, 30