Your emotional make up is unique. Create a remedy tailored to how you'd like to feel.

4 drops 4 times a day is optimal.

Make Your Own£45
Sometimes talking to a human is best.
Book a consultation with Hannah to discuss how you'd like to feel (~ 30 minutes)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chloe Regan
Highly Recommend

I absolutely love my bespoke bottle. I really have noticed a difference since taking them and have just bought a bottle for my sister of the Worry Not. I didn't do a consultation but filled out the questionnaire. Really really recommend. It comes so beautifully packaged and details what flowers were used in your bespoke bottle. Thank you

Emma Dey
Grounded and hopeful

Having had a very thorough consultation with Hannah, I received my little bottle and all the issues I wanted addressed started to shift and change about 2 or 3 days in and I definately felt the better for it. It made me feel much more positive, grounded and calm. I have just ordered my 2nd bottle, I would not like to be without it now! Well done Hannah!

Perrine Prevost
The best gift you can do to yourself

After a very interesting consultation with Hannah during which she identifies your needs, I received my bespoke bottle one week ago. The first effect are quite immediate and after only a few days I feel more balanced and grounded. Looking forward to see the long term effects! Bravo for such amazing remedies Hannah. I can’t recommend them enough, really!

Alice Bridges
Calming and grounding

Hannah and her remedies are wonderful! My consultation with Hannah was lovely, she asked lots of interesting questions to help get to what I needed and helped me focus on what elements to treat first. The remedies have become a lovely part of my daily routine. I’m much calmer, less overwhelmed and starting to feel grounded and less in my head. I’m on my second bottle now and will definitely be back again. Thanks Hannah!

Nadja Penfold
A reassuring hug in a bottle

I purchased a bespoke remedy after filling in Flomacy's online consultation form. My morning routine now incorporates taking 4 drops of this little flower potion and I feel more relaxed for it. Looking forward to seeing the long term affects of this reassuring hug in a bottle.